Kids Corner – Snow Plow Trains

In the parts of the world that get regular, heavy snowfall, railroads must keep the tracks clear and operating. Moving lots of heavy snow takes heavy duty equipment. To get the job done a railroad company will use a snow plow train. There are two different kinds of plows used on snow trains:

  • Wedge Plow
  • Rotary Plow

Wedge Plows

Operating at speeds up to 50mph wedge plows require a very experienced crew. Everyone must be on high alert as derailments are a real and constant threat. If there’s unfamiliarity of the track, or if someone doesn’t spot an obstacle, it could be game over. Early wedges had the plow made partially from wood, with the blade and ‘tongue’ reinforced using steel. This had an added benefit of keeping the plow from lifting while working through heavy drifts.

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As the trains evolved, the entire plow became constructed from metal. Fun fact: no wedge train is self-powered; they are all pushed by locomotives. This wedge is living out its retirement at a train museum.

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Still in use by railroads today, the wedge plow is a less expensive way for them to clear tracks of light to moderate/heavy snow.

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Hey kids! Do you think this a real snow plow train… or not?

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Rotary Plows

Working at low operational speeds, and powered with massive engines, rotary plows are the big guns railroads will use to tackle levels of snow that would stop a wedge plow. Invented in the mid-1880’s the first rotaries had dual discs arraigned horizontally . The large, single disc was an improvement on that design towards the end of the 19th century.

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Even though they look like they can move on their own, like the wedge plow the rotary plows require a locomotive to move around.

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Modern rotary plows are compact, powerful, and efficient despite the plow design has been largely unchanged from the late 1880s. “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” holds true!

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The standard locomotive in this video demonstrates why railroads use snow plow trains whenever possible. The train engineers would probably appreciate a wedge plow making a first pass!

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Incredible Pumpkin Carving Inspiration

Halloween brings a special set of memories, fueled by the cool crisp air, changing colors in the trees, and the magical gleam the kids get in their eyes because CANDY! Plus nothing beats gathering at the dinner table and carving out a pumpkin. If you’re stuck in a carving rut, get inspired with these great ideas. At the end of the list there’s a couple links to some actual professional pumpkin carvers, and even some free designs to print out!

Breaking Bad’s Walter White/Heisenberg.

Full size Thing from Fantastic Four.

You Shall Not Pass!

The worst pirate that you’ve heard of… but you have heard of him.

Mystery Science Theater 3000.

Cheshire cat?


Abed from Community.


Be sure to check out the jaw-dropping carving skills from these amazing companies:

For some free templates, be sure to visit Carving Pumpkins!

Flasks 101: How To Get Away With It When You Really Shouldn’t


Flasks: Today’s Stylish Bad-Boy Accessory

Today’s modern man may face circumstances where a good, stiff shot of something 80-proof (or more!) could make things more tolerable, but would be inappropriate. Teetotalism is passé, so what do? The age-old solution to that timeless problem of how to catch a buzz discreetly: use a flask!

6oz leather wrapped flask

These days men who use a flask appropriately can be described as stylish, a rogue, or even an outlaw. Obviously, if you’re alone, you can drink from the flask openly and as deeply as you wish. Private drinking is not what we’re here to discuss, however! When out in public you must be subtle and show reserve when it’s flask time. For example if you’re at the monthly Homeowner’s Association meeting, don’t just start imbibing right away. Rather, wait for the event to get under way. Then during a break keep an eye out for opportunities, a chance to enjoy a little nefariousness. Perhaps you’ve found someone you think might be down for a nip! With tact, wordlessly offer them the flask, looking them in the eyes. If they decline then take a quick swig for yourself and put the flask away. Should your mate take you up on the offer however, you’ve made a connection and maybe a new friend.

heavy duty Stanley flask

Flask Do’s and Don’ts

  • Do: choose appropriate time and place, like events with high-priced drinks or limited/non-existent alcohol options.
  • Don’t: use liquor and mixers in the flask; straight booze only.
  • Do: use only spirits like bourbon, scotch, whiskey, vodka, rum.
  • Don’t: use “infused” spirits, acidic liqueurs, or cream liqueurs.
  • Do: place in a jacket pocket, waistband of shorts, or even in your boots.
  • Don’t: use at inappropriate locations, like while driving, at your child’s school play, or where there is booze reasonably available.

Stainless steel flasks

Care and Feeding of Your Flask

For short term storage, like a day or two between uses, simply empty the flask of any remaining spirits and rinse with hot water. Allow to air-dry before recapping.

If it’s going to be more than a couple of days before the next use, empty the flask then use either vinegar or lemon juice as a cleaning agent. No soaps! Rinse out with hot water and allow to air-dry.

When it’s time to fill ‘er up, first pour cold water into the flask until it reaches the bottom of the filler neck. Drain the water into a measuring glass, noting the amount of liquid. Dump the water out and refill the measuring glass with the desired spirits. Carefully pour into the flask.

Have your flask personalized for the special touch

Pro tip: Find a flask that includes a filler funnel

This ornate Stag flask includes a filler funnel and comes in a beautiful presentation-worthy gift box:

Beautiful stainless steel Stag flask

Here are a couple more great examples of fashionable flasks:

Ornate heirloom quality pewter flask

Some flasks have a see through indicator

Five Worst Scenes in Children’s Movies


One of the best parts of being a Dad is taking the kid(s) to the movies. You might even start with some of the classics that can be found on DVD for a dollar or two. The thing is, it’s been a long time since you last watched these. You might remember them fondly, go and set your tot down in front of the TV, and then snuggle in on the couch for a nice shared experience. Next thing you know, Mini You is bawling her little eyeballs out and you’re scrambling for the remote to fast forward to something less traumatic! Here’s five scenes sure to cause some terror/tears/sadness in movies that are otherwise quite benign.

Never Ending Story: Artax the horse drowns

This is listed first because it recently happened to someone here in the office. From what I understand his 8 year old horse-loving daughter was caught up in the story when Artax neighed his last neigh.

Old Yeller: the shooting

Forever burned into our collective memories as “the movie where the dog dies”, it’s worth revisiting to remember what all the hype was about.

Toy Story 3: no hope in the furnace

Genuinely terrifying, including the sad surrender of hope to the inevitable burning death, this scene really has an effect on little ones.

Willy Wonka & The Chocolate Factory: psychedelic boat ride to Hell

From centipedes crawling into faces to wild LSD-fueled back drops, the boat scene brings together many primal visions into a fast elevator to Hell.

The Land Before Time: Littlefoot’s mom dies

Coming completely out of left field, Littlefoot having his mother die practically in his arms just makes everyone reach for the tissue box.

Our Books Reviewed: Top Positive and Top Critical From Amazon

Reviews make the Internet go round! Sure, a positive review is practically essential for online retailers to successfully sell an item, but often times the negative reviews make for the best reading. So if you’re shopping for a book to gift to that new Dad, have some fun with it! Take a look here and see what some folks have said, both good and bad, about the titles we carry. All reviews are gathered from Amazon.

100 Reasons to Panic About Getting Old

14 Reviews, Overall Rating: 4-halfStar

5-Stars: Quick and Fun with Tinge of Truth The tone of the text is obviously humorous and a bit tongue in cheek, but it is tinged with truth.

– Alex

2-Stars: Not humorous I thought it would be humorous and I think that was the intent but it falls far short of what I would consider witty.

– ElenaD3LV

A History of the World in 6 Glasses

493 Reviews, Overall Rating: 4-halfStar

5-stars: History The Way It Should Be This is a good example of why history is fun.

– John D Colfield

3-stars: A Superficial History Lesson With Potables It may not be tremendously nutritious or flavourful, but it’s tasty enough.

– Mark Towler

Do Fathers Matter?

45 Reviews, Overall Rating: 4stars

5-stars: An empowering book for fathers, and enlightening for everybody else! This fascinating, clearly written book contains a wealth of information about fathers’ importance to their children—both psychological and biological.

– Dennis Meredith

3-stars: Dry at times, but incredibly informative and rather interesting It presents a lot of facts and research, which do run into each other and can become a bit repetitive. But it was very informative and interesting, with some parts being more interesting than others.

– Jaclyn

How to Traumatize Your Children

78 Reviews, Overall Rating: 5stars

4-stars: Your kids will thank you! Question: why would somebody read a parenting guide that advocates traumatizing children? Answer: because it’s really funny!

– Delite Rancher

1-star: Makes you wince far more often than laugh The title is humorous concept but the content is not written well. Don’t judge this book by its cover.

– Tyler T. Vidricksen

The North American Whiskey Guide

11 Reviews, Overall Rating: 4-halfStar

4 stars: entertaining and worthy guide to the wonderful world of whiskey Kudos to the authors for providing a concise, entertaining and worthy guide to the wonderful world of whiskey. A must companion for anyone on either side of the bar. It was a hard fought after gift at our annual holiday exchange!

– Kenneth Zak

2 stars: Good info, Format stinks I bought the Kindle version and was disappointed in the way it was formatted for the kindle. Good source of information but not very accessible via kindle


The Old Waldorf-Astoria Bar Book (1935 Reprint)

10 Reviews, Overall Rating: 4-halfStar

5 stars: A great bar book This is a unique book. For each drink, you are treated with a delightful and humorous anecdote that will make great cocktail conversation.

– George M.Burnell

2 stars: Coctail Archaeology To start, this book isn’t bad – but it’s not useful. Basically this is like hearing long stories from your grandfather’s “glory days” as a young man.

– Jon Jasper

The Pregnancy Book for Men

6 Reviews, Overall Rating: 5stars

5 stars: “Made of stardust. Created in the heart of a star” As a father-to-be, this book speaks in a language I can relate to. It reads very analytical but is also mixed with some appropriate humor. Recommended for all the men that need a realistic book about the wonders of pregnancy.

– Brent King

4 stars: Four Stars My man has learned some things.

– Catherine Baumiller

The Savoy Cocktail Book

54 Reviews, Overall Rating: 4-halfStar

5 stars: The classic cocktail book; not for beginners The Savoy guide has for a long time been seen as the end-all be-all of cocktail books.

– Timur

2 stars: Embarrassingly bad paperback print The book itself is incredible. The paperback version, however, is an embarrassingly bad scan and reprint of the hardcover, with a 1-inch margin on all pages.

– Alexander Rakoczy

Commando Dad

17 Reviews, Overall Rating: 5stars

5 stars: Quick read but worth the time As described, this book is more a field manual than your usual parenting book. Everything is clear and concise without any additional fluff. I really like the bullet point style of delivery along with the big boxes in each chapter that say “Do” on one side and “Don’t Do” on the other. I would recommend this book to any parent (mother or father) to be.


My Quotable Kid

290 Reviews, Overall Rating: 5stars

5 stars: Great Little Book! This is a neat little book for writing down precious moments of cute quotes that your little ones say. I would definitely recommend this book to other parents.

– Michelle King

3 stars: Awesome idea but… Just a notebook, not much.

– Mariam Ansari

This is Ridiculous This is Amazing

111 Reviews, Overall Rating: 4-halfStar

5 stars: Ridiculously amazing book In list after list he consistently manages to be authentic and laugh out funny without being bitter or obvious. I couldn’t pick a favorite list or even my top ten, because they were all brilliant, perfect, hilarious and so relatable.

– Kindle Customer

3 stars: He is amazing, but the book is ridiculous This book, however, was a dud for me. Yeah, I laughed, sometimes out loud. But, I just don’t think 71 lists is a great format for a book.

– P. Zack

10 Amazing Examples of Fatherhood Reflexes

A man goes through some sort of mystical transformation when he becomes a father. Extra eyes grow in the back of his head, his arms and legs develop ninja-like reflexes, and he gains the ability to peer briefly into the future. These are but a few of the extra sensory perception boosts that the Dads in our life are gifted. This Father’s Day, as we celebrate the men who helped raise and guide us, lets take a quick look at a big part of how we were able to survive beyond infancy.

1. Ninja Reflexes with a dash of Showmanship

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2. Future-Vision with Ninja Speed

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3. Eagle Eyesight plus Paw of the Bear

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4. Rear-view Vision plus Ninja Grab

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5. Ninja Grab with max level Poker Face

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6. Patience of Saints with buffed Ingenuity

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7. Inner-Hercules, Mechanical Aptitude, and Action Hero Stride

Doug Lockwood took a huge risk to stop a race cart with its throttle stuck wide open. He's now being recognized as a hero.

8. Boosted Attention and Ninja Grab

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9. Advanced Trajectory Analysis matched with Kid Leadership

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10. Max-level Trustworthiness with a big dose of Inner-Hercules

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